Hello, I am Paulius and this is my landing page. I am currently studying computer science at TU Darmstadt.

I can create you a Python application, build a website from scratch, setup a VPS, and cultivate your plot of land with a tractor.

picture of me
  • Python, Java
  • SQL
  • Git
  • GNU/Linux (my homelab)
  • English, German, Lithuanian


exception.lt logo

exception.lt // Personal website to access my stuff from any device. Contains notes, posts, links to self-hosted services.

lil analytics logo

lil analytics // Discord server analytics. Collects and stores message metadata. Visualizes data with Python nad Matplotlib.

lil ripper logo

lil ripper // Multiprocessed subreddit archival tool. Uses Pushshift API to collect media URLs of a subreddit. Downloads media matching user specified formats. Written in Python.

savanoriuklinika.lt logo

savanoriuklinika.lt // Website + hosting + Google Analytics setup for a dental clinic. Successfully increased search rankings with a minimal, mobile friendly webpage.