About //

Hello, I am Paulius and this is my landing page. I am currently studying computer science at TU Darmstadt.

I like creating stuff with Python, feel free to check out my projects below <3

picture of me
  • Java, Python, C
  • SQL, SQLite
  • GNU/Linux (my homelab)
  • English, German, Lithuanian


lil analytics //

Discord server analytics. Indexes and analyzes channels and users in a Discord server. Creates matplotlib graphs from ingested metadata. Uses SQLite and SQLAlchemy.

lil ripper //

Multiprocessed subreddit archival tool. Downloads all available media files from media posts up to subreddit's creation date. Uses multiple processes to speed up the operation.

Python Journal //

TUI for frictionless journaling experience. Let's user set up and manage daily questions. Handles question asking and file creation. Consists of one Python executable and one settings file. I use it daily.